UbiQ develops and commercializes ubiquitinated peptides, ubiquitin-based reagents and high throughput assays, which enable and expedite drug discovery in the rapidly expanding ubiquitin field.

UbiQ, founded in 2010, is a spin-out of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam Our products are targeted at Pharma companies and academic research labs. Next to our reagent business, we develop specific HTS assays and we conduct HTS DUB inhibitor programs, both for internal development as well as partnered with Pharma.

Ultimately, we envision UbiQ as a company with substantial cash flow from its reagent and assay business and with a strong project pipeline and major strategic partnerships with several of the world's leading pharma companies, driving a significant upside potential for our shareholders.


"The power of chemistry when it comes to solving problems in biology", a brief pitch by Farid El Oualid our CSO