custom reagents service

Our total synthesis based technology platform allows us to prepare ubiquitin and ubiquitin like protein reagents with various modifications.



  • assay reagents, probes, chains and ubiquitinated peptides

  • ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins e.g. Nedd8, SUMO, ISG15 etc

  • electrophiles (warheads), peptides (substrate context), tags, unnatural amino acids


price & timelines

  • prices are on a project basis and bulk preparation (starting at 2 mg)

  • 6 - 8 weeks lead time for most projects



  • >15 custom probes, >15 assay reagents, >15 ubiquitinated peptides:

    • DUB specific assay reagents probes, HTRF assays, custom electrophiles, assays reagents and probes with substrate context
  • co-developed an antibody for yeast K123 Ub-H2B.


want to know more?

Please contact us at to discuss your project and/or receive a detailed quote. 



  1. Peptide pull-down assays with monoubiquitinated H2B & PTEN based peptides: R. Kessler et al. "dDsk2 regulates H2Bub1 and RNA polymerase II pausing at dHP1c complex target genes". Nat. Commun. 20156, article number 7049. Doi: 10.1038/ncomms8049