custom ubiquitinated peptides

Our UbiQ-PEP™ service provides monoubiquitinated peptides with a range of modifications to meet your research needs. Peptides up to 20 amino acids in length are site-selectively monoubiquitinated via a native isopeptide link using our Ub ligation technology. [1,2]



  • epitope mapping (e.g. with deubiquitinating enzymes)
  • protein structure-function analysis
  • pull-down experiments [3]
  • ligand for X-ray analysis of proteins


specifications and available options with UbiQ-PEP™ Service

peptide length up to 20 amino acids  
ubiquitinated lysine

site-selectively monoubiquitinated via a native isopeptide link


minimal manufacturing scale

1 mg



>95% by HPLC


N-terminal modifications

Acetyl, Biotin, TAMRA, 5-carboxyRh110


quality control (QC)


standard delivery time

4 to 8 weeks




want to discuss your project and/or receive a detailed quote?

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