• 5-carboxyRh110-SUMO2

    UbiQ code: UbiQ-134

    human SUMO2 sequence (C48S) which is functionalized on the N-terminus with a 5-carboxyrhodamine110 dye.

    crystallizationMSphenotypic protein profilingtarget inhibitor profiling
  • Ub-VME

    UbiQ code: UbiQ-005

    Ub-VME is a potent, irreversible and specific inhibitor of deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs),

    crystallizationpull downpurificationwestern blotMSNMRphenotypic protein profilingDUB activity profilingcompound library screeningtarget inhibitor profiling
  • Biotin-Ahx-SUMO2-VME

    UbiQ code: UbiQ-156

    Biotin-Ahx-SUMO2-VME is an activity-based probe for SUMO proteases.

    crystallizationpull downpurificationwestern blotphenotypic protein profilingDUB activity profilingtarget inhibitor profiling

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