Biotin-Ahx-Ub-PA (UbiQ-076) is an activity-based probe for deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) and contains propargyl amide (PA) as an electrophile. UbiQ-076 is labeled on the N-terminus with biotin. An aminohexanoic acid linker is used to create extra space between the biotin and Ub protein for efficient access of biotin binding entities. UbiQ-078 can be used for activity profiling experiments and determining DUB inhibitor specificity. The C-terminal PA electrophile has two characteristics: 1) It forms a covalent linkage with (the active site Cys residue of) a DUB that can be cleaved by acid treatment (5% aq. TFA), allowing for proteomic analyses. 2) It targets all three major DUB families: UCH, USP and OTU.

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crystallizationpull downpurificationwestern blotMSNMRphenotypic protein profiling

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name Biotin-Ahx-Ub-PA
product code UbiQ-076
Applications crystallization, pull down, purification, western blot, MS, NMR, phenotypic protein profiling
target DUB
source human sequence, synthetic
shipping lyophilized powder
purity ≥95%
molecular weight 8.89 kDa
storage upon arrival, powder at −20°C; buffered solution at −80°C. Please avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
sample preparation For detailed sample preparation see product sheet.
regulatory statement For laboratory research use only, not for use in humans.
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