K33 diUb-VME

K33 diUb-VME


UbiQ-085 (K33 linked diUbiquitin VME) is a potent, irreversible and specific inhibitor of deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs) based on K33 linked diUb. This DUB activity based probe can be used for activity profiling experiments and structural studies. Lys33 has been replaced by a diaminobutyric acid(vinylamide) residue as reactive mimic of the native isopeptidic linked Lys(Gly) residue. Please note the native distance between the proximal and distal Ubiquitin is preserved as much as possible in our diUbiquitin probe.
crystallizationpull downpurificationwestern blotMSNMRphenotypic protein profiling

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name K33 diUb-VME
product code UbiQ-085
Applications crystallization, pull down, purification, western blot, MS, NMR, phenotypic protein profiling
target DUB
source human, synthetic
shipping lyophilized powder
purity n/a
molecular weight n/a
storage n/a
sample preparation For detailed sample preparation see product sheet.
regulatory statement For laboratory research use only, not for use in humans.
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